Eric Hoffer Award WINNER 2019

“This book is an utter delight”
Captures the mind, heart & spirit”
“Mad .. brilliant, wise and funny”
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“Will unleash a magical awakening”

Unfinished sample
This is a story of chickens enslaved in a tyrannical land. And of enlightened beings who come from a world blessed with Seven Gifts and the rain to nurture them. These beings bring their rain and their gifts to ennoble those chickens that have been enslaved.

This lovely book was written by a dear friend of mine about a wonderful few years she spent living on an old boat in England. Her wry, self-effacing wit and charm permeate every page.
“Brave enough to live the dream…”
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Many years ago I was a professional yacht skipper, and wrote a number of magazine articles and instructional books between voyages. Some remain in print and you can still buy some of the ones that are out-of-print.
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