Seven Gifts came to Earth

The Seven Gifts

Were Sown in Fertile Earth

And for Aeons lay Dormant.

Then the Rains came…

“A most unusual and beautiful story that lingers in the mind long after one has read it” – My London Publisher

But Some Earths Begat Stony Ground

The Seven Gifts

Fell Also on Barren Earth

And for Aeons lay Dying.

Then the Chickens came…

“A most dismal and dispiriting story that saddens the heart long after one has read it” – Me

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“Beautifully written tales that capture the mind, heart and spirit — Szoch”
For readers seeking something original & thought-provoking, this is nearly perfect”
— Book Review Blog
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Varuna-ecoverThis lovely book was written by a dear friend of mine about a riveting few years she spent living on an old boat in England. Her dry, self-effacing wit permeates the book, right through to the potentially tragic disaster at the end.
cruising-front Many years ago I was a professional yacht skipper, and wrote a number of instructional books and magazine articles in between voyages. Some of the books remain in print and you can still buy some of those that are out-of-print.
Meanwhile -- -- in the phenomenal world....
“To discover who rules over you, find who you are not allowed to criticise” — Voltaire

The SOUND of SILENCE - as the Right to Speak is CRUSHED by ISLAM

PAT CONDELL's devastating, articulate exposes of ISLAM and its Evil Twin COMMON PURPOSE

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Criticism of Islam is banned by the UK, EU, US, Google, Twitter, Facebook, MSM, Liberals and, of course, Islam

Illusion of Peace -- Cynically Peddled by Islam & the EU
Islam is not a ‘Religion of Peace’, as a fleeting glance over its history, teachings and behaviour makes abundantly clear. In truth, it is not a religion at all, in the sense of a spiritual belief system pursued by individual, free-thinking humans. It is actually a super-organism, like an ant colony, whose component parts exist solely for the benefit of the whole, much like The Borg in Star Trek.
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Freedom of Speech -- Ruthlessly Crushed by Islam & the EU
A major difficulty facing anyone trying to find out what is really happening with the mass of muslims currently pouring into the West is that most of the mainstream media deliberately suppress news of unsavoury incidents involving them, and governments usually let the perpetrators off scot-free, in order to “avoid stirring up islamophobia”. Well, here is a better way to prevent islamophobia – stop the muslims raping little children en masse and chopping the heads off anyone who objects.
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Dictatorship -- Brutally Enforced by Hitler & the EU
hitler-juncker-facesCompare the words of the Nazi’s Adolf Hitler
with those of the EU’s Jean-Claude Juncker

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The Soulless Savagery of Islam
Islam & Inbreeding -- Low Intelligence & Genetic Defects
An investigation into the low intelligence and high incidence of mental and physical defects in Muslims due to very high incidence of inbreeding with First cousins.
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Islam & The EU -- Seek out the Truth
Here are a number of independent media sources for information about the Muslim Migrations into Europe and America. Most of these reports are deliberately suppressed by Governments and Mainstream Media. You might ask yourself why. Look also for the lists of useful links on these sites, in order to widen your research.
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Islam and the EU -- Affronts to Humanity
[LINK] Wild Bill for America says Islam is only attacking the West now as its deadly foe – Christianity – has been mortally weakened by Liberalism. As Liberalism essentially believes in nothing, it will thus fight for nothing. So Islam can now pour in its brainwashed hordes unopposed, and subjugate all the world – as it is ruthlessly programmed to do. The equally brainwashed Lefty-Libs refuse to believe this, even when the perpetrators themselves rub it quite openly and viciously in their faces.

One could argue much the same for the dominance of the incompetent, authoritarian, self-serving behemoth that calls itself the European Union. So many are blinded by Lefty-Liberalism that they cannot see its glaringly obvious illiberal attitudes, or its patronising disdain for the little people, of whom, ironically, those self-same smug Lefty-Liberals are a part. The EU is not answerable to the people, and its ruthless attack on Free Speech protects the Muslims similarly. Criticism of either is viciously damned as xenophobic or islamophobic, and is likely to result in prison.

These two despotic regimes both use the Westerners’ sense of fairness and democracy against them, and are perfect examples of what Churchill meant when he said that democracy is the worst form of government, apart from all the others.

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